Review of poem ‘This one is true’ and Grapple

The Grapple Annual 1 has been reviewed on WritersBloc by Katelin Farnsworth.

This is what she said about my poem This one is true:

Poet Eleanor Malbon offers a heartbreaking poem This one is true. (December 25th) Such sad, striking images that linger long after you’ve read it. Please read it! I had goosebumps. Taking place on Christmas Day, it follows a young homeless man who is picked up from the side of the road. It recounts the conversation that takes place between the man and the narrator. I love the way the poet weaves visuals in and out of it, the way she uses language and the short, snappy sentences.

With an excerpt from This one is true:

‘and I tell him it’s Christmas
he tells me he forgot

politely, he asks what I did today

lunch with the family, wine and cricket in the arvo

when I stop the car he asks

and I give him all the change in my wallet

I don’t have any notes
it’s raining tonight’

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