What sort of writer am I anyway?

I tend to think of this blog as a place for my artistic work – poetry, performances – but in the last few years my academic work has been taking a lot of my time.

Maybe I’ll start to think of the blog as a blend of both?

Maybe I’m not a poet with a day job in academia, or an academic who fits poetry into her spare time, but a writer, who writes across many formats.

If I take that perspective, since I last updated this blog I’ve done a heap of published writing and conferences:

Unfortunately a lot of my academic work isn’t publicly available because academia continues to be damagingly exclusive, locked behind pay walls, and increasingly run for profit. I’m sorry for that, it sucks. For now, non-formatted versions of all my work are available on my acdaemia.edu page.

It’s helpful for me to think of my academic work as part of my identity as a writer, but I’m also feeling the impulse to bring more focus and learning to my poetry work. I’m considering starting a Masters in Creative Writing at the Uni of Canberra, I’ve started talking to Shane Strange and Jen Crawford about it, so I’ll wait and see where those conversations lead me.

Photos by Andrew Sikorski and New River Press