“The stories intertwined and bounced off one another, running the gamut of human experience with tales of hardship and horror, beauty and love, hope and despair.” Jess Oliver, BMA Magazine

“I feel immediately grounded in the performance; they have me … The poetry is evocative and dexterously treads that fine line between the curious appeal of unrelated images and the slow accumulation of a whole world.” Julian Hobba, Aspen Island Theatre Company

“Such sad, striking images that linger long after you’ve read it. Please read it! I had goosebumps… I love the way the poet weaves visuals in and out of it, the way she uses language and the short, snappy sentences.” Katelin Farnsworth, WritersBloc

eleanor malbon poetry

I write poetry and performance pieces, and research public policy. I am based in Canberra where I research what it takes for policymakers to meet social and environmental challenges, and perform regularly at festivals and happenings throughout the city.

Photos by Adam Thomas