Review of Eucapocalypts Now in BMA

Jess Oliver wrote a review of Eucapocalypts Now in BMA magazine. Big thanks to Jess, the intro to the review is super poetic itself:Eucapocalypts Now Eleanor Malbon

“When the apocalypse hits there will be no tidal waves in Canberra, no cyclones, probably not even any flooding. Instead, there will be raging fire fronts, brown sludge in water pipes and the gradual, slow decline of the world as we know it. When the apocalypse happens and the ground is baked hard from sun and sap, the countryside will be filled with refugees from the cities and the limits of humanity will become strained and frayed. Only one question remains: can you face it?”

“A series of poems – beautifully delivered by both artists – which imagined a localized apocalypse narrative. The stories intertwined and bounced off one another, running the gamut of human experience with tales of hardship and horror, beauty and love, hope and despair. I particularly liked the inclusion of small victories and the more mundane aspects of living in a changing environment: tap water running brown and the eager anticipation of germinating seeds. The inclusion of “place” was also well done and the mention of the shipping containers just near the “old Floriade” really brought the tales close to home.”