Mount Abora Moth – dulcimer and poetry collaboration

“Mount Abora Moth” is the title I gave to a dulcimer-poetry collaboration with Hannah Lord. We made this for the Canberra YWCA for their Lanyon food hub appeal. The title is a small homage to a tree house on mount Majura that our friends built, and mysteriously disappeared without a trace a few years ago.


Interview by Lee Constable: Eucapocalypts Now

Lee Constable interviewed Aaron and I about Eucapocalypts Now for the ever present and in touch Canberra local radio 2xx.

My favourite part of the interview is when we talk about our process of collaboration, which has been incredibly fulfilling. Reflecting back on the performance I have to say that writing alongside Aaron is my most treasured part of the experience.

Aaron said: “It’s really difficult to point to individual lines and say ‘that’s mine, I wrote that one, and Ellie wrote that one'”.

Eucapocalypts Now at You Are Here festival

“Eucapocalypts Now” is a poetry play written by myself and Aaron Kirby in response to the Dark Mountain manifesto. The show was in development for a year, and perhaps it still is. We’re both stoked with the most recent iteration at the You Are Here festival in Canberra.

The cats at YAH have a great media team, and they recorded the performance with stills and video. Check it out the photos by Adam Thomas, and this video by Shane Parsons.

Review of poem ‘This one is true’ and Grapple

The Grapple Annual 1 has been reviewed on WritersBloc by Katelin Farnsworth.

This is what she said about my poem This one is true:

Poet Eleanor Malbon offers a heartbreaking poem This one is true. (December 25th) Such sad, striking images that linger long after you’ve read it. Please read it! I had goosebumps. Taking place on Christmas Day, it follows a young homeless man who is picked up from the side of the road. It recounts the conversation that takes place between the man and the narrator. I love the way the poet weaves visuals in and out of it, the way she uses language and the short, snappy sentences.

With an excerpt from This one is true:

‘and I tell him it’s Christmas
he tells me he forgot

politely, he asks what I did today

lunch with the family, wine and cricket in the arvo

when I stop the car he asks

and I give him all the change in my wallet

I don’t have any notes
it’s raining tonight’

Poem in Grapple Annual 1

Grapple Publishing have chosen one of my poems for publication in The Grapple Annual 1.

The poem is titled ‘This one is true’ and it is a true story of picking up a hitch-hiker on Hindmarsh drive on December 25th. This poem is a part of an evolving collection of poems about living in Weston Creek between 1991 and 2012.

The Grapple Annual is an anthology arranged by date, and you can buy it online.

Grapple Annual Eleanor Malbon December 25